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Work in inland shipping

ACM offers many opportunites

Aflos Crew & Management is your partner in employment in inland shipping. At ACM we look for the right crew for each type of ship for our clients.

For this purpose we are looking for ‘aflossers’ who are self-employed (ZZP), but also crew and deck personnel for short term redeployment or for long term work in a fixed schedule.

Work in inland shipping is different every day. On a small ship with a small crew, the work varies from cleaning, sanding and painting, carrying out repairs, loading and unloading, to driving the ship. In addition, domestic tasks such as making coffee, preparing food, doing the dishes and keeping all the living areas clean also have to be done. On larger ships the tasks are more divided with respect to a certain function.

Do you have a service booklet or are you a certified captain? Then there are various functions you can fulfil. Take a look at the different job profiles we recruit staff for below.



Start working as a self-employed captain. We take care of everything.


Service booklet

Crew on board an inland shipping vessel must have a valid service booklet.

Work in inland shipping

Job types

In addition to the above jobs, there are many other functions that you can fulfil with your inland shipping training. On the water, but also ashore. You can make a career at all levels and find the place that suits you best. Inland shipping offers many opportunities. Discover the possibilities!

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