As a volmatroos, you are expected to be able to carry out all work independently with all the knowledge and experience you have gained. You are the designated person to assist the skipper with work on the ship. Volmatroos is the degree of being a seaman and is achieved by gaining a lot of experience or by successfully completing a recognized professional training.

Ways to become a volmatroos

  • With a sailing time of at least one year as a matroos (with training)
  • By passing a three-year training exam
  • By passing a final exam after a three-year training course at a skippers’ college, if this training course includes one year of sailing time in inland shipping
  • With a sailing time in inland shipping of at least one year as a matroos without training and by passing a practical exam
  • At least two years’ seagoing service in inland shipping as a matroos without training.

Work processes

  • Maintenance such as; minor repairs, rust removal, sanding, painting and deck scrubbing
  • Support during loading and unloading
  • Prevent accidents and calamities
  • Taking prescribed safety measures seriously
  • Coupling and uncoupling of hoses in tanker shipping
  • Stacking of containers on container ships
  • Coupling and uncoupling of barges