Crew Management

Looking for a captain or crew for inland shipping?

We work with almost 300 captains, helmsmen and sailors. Contact us today and we will immediately look for the right person for your ship.

Comprehensive Crewing Services

ACM offers complete crewing services for all the different activities carried out by crew members on board inland navigation ships, as well as related shore-based services. We offer a comprehensive service in which the worries about personnel are completely taken care of. This means 24 hour continuity in the planning by optimal use of our network. You can entirely outsource your personnel recruitment!

Every day we send out employees to our clients with whom we have often built up long business relationships. Think of aflossers for short term employment, crew in a fixed long term planning etc. Recruitment and selection takes place at our offices in the Netherlands and Cyprus. In consultation with you as our client, we map out the personell needs and select the most suitable candidates.

At ACM we work according to the Dutch rules in compliance with the ‘Wet Aanpak Schijnconstructies’ (the WAS) that has been in force since 1 July 2015. This Act prevents a number of very common but undesirable constructions such as evasion of the Dutch minimum wage, fictitious employment relationships, sham constructions and various migration constructions.


We use a custom, specialized crewing software to manage all these activities and data. This also allows us to provide the ship owner with detailed reporting and invoicing. No unnecessary paperwork!