Inland shipping crew

Looking for a captain or crew for inland shipping?

We work with almost 300 captains, helmsmen and sailors. Contact us today and we will immediately look for the right person for your ship.

Crew for inland vessels

Are you looking for deck personnel for inland shipping? At Aflos & Crew Management you are in the right place for inland navigation personnel! ACM has a large number of sailors, helmsmen, engineers and (aflos) captains available for various types of inland vessels. From dry cargo, containers and tankers to push and tugboats. All have experience in inland shipping and proficiency in English or German.

We are responsible for the recruitment of the crew, deployment on the ship, transport to/from the ship and their daily well-being. In addition, we also take care of the ongoing management and administrative tasks such as payroll administration, performance appraisals, documentation, training and other HR related matters.

What do we offer you as an inland shipping entrepreneur?

  • Experienced inland navigation personnel
  • Various nationalities
  • A competitive rate
  • Certainty of correct payment of social security contributions and taxes
  • Proper insurances
  • A good salary for the crew
  • Transport to the ship (almost daily)
  • Tailor-made invoicing (no unnecessary paperwork)

The crew’s income tax is paid in the employee’s country of residence. In accordance with EU Regulation No. 883/2004 and an additional agreement concluded between the Rhine states (Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Luxembourg and Switzerland), social security contributions for crew on inland vessels must be paid in the ship operator’s country of residence. In addition, on behalf of our employees, we provide excellent Dutch health insurance. We have collectively taken out health insurance for our employees via ACM. The insurance is tailor made for our inland shipping personnel and has, for example, no excess. In addition, we have also taken out a disability and life insurance for all our employees.