Looking for a captain or crew for inland shipping?

We work with almost 300 captains, helmsmen and sailors. Contact us today and we will immediately look for the right person for your ship.

Transport service for crews

In order to get crew on location as fast as possible, ACM offers various modes of transport to and from inland vessels. For Polish employees we have three connections per week from Poland to Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium. The departure points of our bus are 3 cities in Poland:

  • Poznan
  • Koszalin
  • Szczecin

On request, we can also offer transport for crew to/from Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary or Romania.

Employees from other European countries usually travel by plane to the airports of Eindhoven, Amsterdam or Brussels. There they will be picked up by our driver and taken directly to the barge. This way, public transport or transfers are not needed and chances of delay are minimal.

We approach the transport of relays in a flexible way. Relief crew members usually come to the ship with their own car, a rental car (arranged by ACM), or they are transported by our driver. In this way we offer a suitable solution for every situation.

We reach anywhere a barge can reach.