As a skipper you are in charge of the crew and you are responsible for all the ins and outs of the ship. You work independently and you are ultimately responsible if there is no captain on board. You are in charge of navigation, ensure the safety of those on board and you are responsible for the maintenance of the ship and the loading and unloading of the cargo. You also arrange administrative matters such as waybills and documents for customs. The skipper is in possession of a large sailing licence and/or driving licence, radar licence and possibly ADN certificate as the person responsible during the transport of dangerous goods.

Core tasks and work processes

Plans nautical and technical work

  • Determines the navigation route on inland waterways
  • Plant loading and unloading
  • Plant general and mechanical maintenance and repairs
  • Takes care of the administration and the stock

Takes care of the ship’s administration

  • Takes care of the cargo administration
  • Monitors stocks and orders goods/services
  • Leads the crew

Distributes work among crew members</strong

  • Instructs crew members on safety measures and changing legislation and regulations
  • Guides crew members
  • Carries out nautical work

Mooring/dismounting and/or connecting/disconnecting the barge

  • Anchors the barge
  • Controls the barge
  • Gives directions from the front or stern
  • Makes the barge travel ready
  • Takes care of the loading

Prepares the barge for loading and/or unloading

  • Loads and unloads the barge
  • Monitors the loading conditions during transport
  • Carries out work relating to maintenance, supplies and accommodation on board

Carries out general maintenance and repairs

  • Carries out mechanical maintenance and repairs
  • Stays and works on board
  • Acts in case of calamities
  • Takes care of the household on board of the barge