Impact corona op binnenvaart

De Tweede Kamer heeft unaniem een motie aangenomen die toezegd dat de regering met de binnenvaart afspraken moet maken over de tijd dat schepen gebruik mogen maken van een ligplaats. De motie is ervoor bedoelt dat schepen langer op een ligplaats kunnen blijven liggen nu velen in coronatijd minder werk hebben. Het komt namelijk geregeld voor dat schepen na drie dagen worden weggestuurd en zodoende leeg op zoek moeten naar een andere ligplaats.

Cem Laçin of the SP and Wytse Postma of the CDA state that Minister Van Nieuwenhuizen has pledged to deal with the three times 24-hour term for berths. In this motion, the House of Representatives requests the government to make clearer agreements in consultation with the sector about the berth policy that meets the skippers’ needs. Rijkswaterstaat would take the lead in complying with and enforcing the agreements.

Cabinet rejects request for corona compensation for inland shipping companies

The Cabinet rejected the request of CBRB, BLN-Schuttevaer and ASV for compensation for inland shipping companies for corona. The Ministry of Economic Affairs announces that cargo shipping is not eligible for the Allowance for Entrepreneurs Affected Sectors COVID-19, nor for Allowance for Fixed Charges.

BLN-Schuttevaer responds on LinkedIn that inland shipping dry cargo transport is mainly a problem because there are no government regulations that are accessible to SME family businesses. “The NOW scheme does not apply to family businesses (usually no permanent staff) and in cases where there are permanent staff, the ship must also remain manned during fewer journeys. The rejection is sour for this category of entrepreneurs. If we want to accelerate with modalshift, measures must be taken to prevent these companies from falling over, as we have learned that gone is gone. More about water starts with preserving what is now. “